Pakistan Channel
Pakistan Channel

Channel Rules

Channel Rules

IRC Channel #Pakistan rules are:
No swearing, obscenities, or vulgarities, No sexually explicit/obscene nicks, No advertising of IRC channels/Websites, No autogreets on join/part, No over usage of CAPS, Dont harass OPs/Users, No remarks about anyones ethnic background, moral/religious beliefs, No Flooding with text, caps, nick changes, waves, notice or action!, Political/Religious discussion will not be tolerated, Do not ask/beg for OPs/voice.

To Apply for Aop press Apply Button
Life  is  too  short  to  be  bored ...... Come  lets  have  some  fun  Type /join #Pakistan

For Aops:

01:-  At least 3years of chatting experience on #Pakistan
02:-  Good reputation as on #Pakistan as well in other local channels `coz routing team of  #Pakistan will check that too
03:-  Always helpful to the users in any case (either the other user abuses or not); Replying to the users in any cost                                        
regarding HELP                       
04:-  Good commanding power (having leadership qualities)
05:- Good communication skills (understanding English/Urdu well)
06:-  Never been involved in any kind of channel politics
07:-  Never been involved with any group who do Flooding/Nukes/DDos or abuse services of DALnet
08:- Never been involved in harassing the already existent Operators
09:- Never argued with the Operators when kicked/banned ever, `coz if the user is kicked/banned on auto kick (@ will
remove ban without a delay); for e.g. if a user type this on main “mairey mahboob tum kahan ho” the word mahboob
is in auto swear kick; so never mind it.
10:-  At least 2/3 majority of Aops should be supporting the applicant
11:-  Never been put on to AKICK of #Pakistan `coz it definitely will effect
12:- Got some sense when and where to Kick, Ban or simply Kick/Ban
13:-  Patience & Loyalty is highly required for the @
14:- At least 2 Sops will agree mutually for the @ should be added or not after checking themselves regarding the @
they will going to ADD; this process may take 15/20 days time
15:-  After adding into Aops - 2 months fully trial check of the @ in all ways
16:-  If the Aop is not fully capable during the trial period, he/she will be removed and he/she got no right to argue on
the removal
17:-  The Aops who are already in list will also be checked time to time and if they fail to control channel will give one
warning and then removal process will be done.
18:- Providing AOP/SOP & AKICK lists to the non-admin users is strictly not ALLOWED; as well future policies should not
be disclosed to the regular user before the official announcement.
19:- The most important point is the Founder got all the exclusive rights to Add/Remove any AOP/SOP anytime with or
without reason

For #Pakistan Users:

For #Pakistan users, it’s a clear policy, follow channel Pakistan rules and have fun in anyway. If any user require help,
simply MSG the @ with the specific matter in which he/she requires help in. If the @ will be away, just simply leave
your msgs instead of abusing/swearing the @ of not replying you quickly. Either the @ you messaged will help or
recommend the other to reply your query. And do remember the @ are also human beings & are not machines who
quickly solve out the problem and they do have life as well.

If a user is banned, he/she should check the status window to read the kick MSG and if the user still feels that he/she
was kicked/banned for no reason simply /notice <Operator> and ask the reason. If the reason is not seems valid to the
user, he/she simply memo the SOPs or wait any of the SOP to join in and paste the complaint.

For Voice/Devoice:

One simple policy for this is who ever is active on main will get voice and after having 10 minutes idling; devoice
process will be done. No arguments on this policy. @ Who deop & +v them will not be allowed anymore as voice is
users right and @ can stay deop without voice.

Channel Rules:

No Swearing, Mass Repeating, Flooding the channel with text/nick/join or part, Advertising of channels/websites,
Sexual Attitudes, Harassing Users, Excessive Usage of Caps, Offensive Nicks, Bad idents, Clones, Auto Greets, or Op
Begging & lastly this is an English/Urdu only channel (we do discourage use of other local languages on main as
majority easily understands English & Urdu).

Channel Script:

If someone is not able to get #Pakistan Script can use any powerful script to handle the channel. But the standard of
Kick/Ban should be same as set for the channel. They are as follow:

Repeat Kick (4 repeats in 6seconds - checking lag time as well)

Swear Kick (the Swear words can be get from the Sops or getting confirmation regarding the words)

CAPSLOCK Kick (Typing with caps lock key on will write everything in caps which shows bossiness and excessive
usage will made you kick/ban)

Bad Nick Kick (the Bad Nick words can be get from the Sops or getting confirmation regarding the words)

Bad Idnet Kick (the Bad Ident words can be get from the Sops or getting confirmation regarding the words)

Text Flood Kick (4 lines/ 250 words in 6 seconds - checking lag time as well

Join/Part Kick (3 joins in 5 seconds & 3 part in 4 seconds - checking lag time as well)

Flood Kick (200+ words long & send twice to the channel - checking lag time as well)

Pervert Kick (No SEX channel allowed while you join in #Pakistan; either stay on #Pakistan or leave the SEX
Sexual Attitude & Harassment Kick


The Admin here is to serve users and they are trying their best to provide a comfortable environment for everyone.

Policies are only made to make a channel with good atmosphere, where everyone can do fun. The policies never
formed in daytime. All these policies are developed in year’s time & much of them are the same as of many other big
channels. Now the Admin is putting them in writing so no user of #Pakistan gets confused.

On and Behalf of #Pakistan Admin
#Pakistan Channel Policies